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Food & Ag Leaders Series – Interview with Peter Williams, CEO, MyLand

By Karen Fisman

June 28, 2021

McCain Foods, the largest manufacturer of  frozen french fries and potatoes in the world, recently announced that by 2030, they will source all of their potatoes from farmers using regenerative agriculture (“regen ag”) practices. In doing so, McCain joins the ranks of large CPG players, including Pepsi, General Mills and Nestle, in establishing regen ag goals and requirements for their grower/suppliers. While companies like McCain provide some help to their growers in making this transition, farmers are often left to shoulder the cost and time burdens of transitioning their farming practices to regen ag. That’s where MyLand, a soil health company, comes in.

MyLand has developed a micro-algae based system that rapidly builds soil health, producing the benefits of regenerative ag such as carbon capture, reduced water and nitrogen-based fertilizer requirements and increased crop  yields without the time and upfront cost associated with adopting traditional regen ag practices. We sat down with Peter Williams, CEO of MyLand, to talk about how regen ag is key to addressing some of the world’s biggest challenges, what is driving adoption of regen ag, and how MyLand’s soil health solution helps farmers simplify what can otherwise be a tough transition.

Read our full interview with Peter here.

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